Waitlist fee

Qilin works by a deposited "Waitlist Only". Once puppies are born and you choose your puppy you will need to place a $500 deposit toward that specific puppy. The fee will go towards puppy purchase price of your future puppy.

A Deposit for a Qilin puppy is $500 + 3.5% paypal fee & Will be collected when you choose your puppy. 


Deposits are Non-Refundable but may be transferred to a later litter. Non-refundable means: to give back or restore (especially money); repay A deposit covers our time communicating back/fourth and time occupying a position on the list. Once a deposit is placed it is non-refundable for any reason but can be transferred. We do this to ensure those committing to a puppy are absolutely sure!


Deposits help breeders keep track of how many puppies from a litter are spoken for and, in a show of intent, they indicate the buyer’s seriousness and commitment to getting a puppy. Similarly, by accepting this good faith deposit, a breeder indicates their approval of the buyer as an acceptable home and their commitment to that buyer to provide a puppy. Deposits are a two-way street as they bind and protect both buyer and seller. The breeder agrees not to sell the puppy to anyone else nor to take other reservations for that special puppy from a particular litter. The buyer promises to purchase the puppy from the breeder and not to go to anyone else for a puppy in the meantime. Deposits are non-refundable because usually, we have already turned down many other homes for your position. When you back out this is meant to compensate us for our time communicating back & forth and lost opportunities to place the puppy. 


Without a deposit, we cannot hold a puppy for you. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the puppy you take home and if we are unable to produce a puppy that fits what you are looking for (based on sex and color) within 24-months we will return your deposit. However, this does not apply to: anyone backing out of a sale for reasons such as (no time, deciding you don't want a puppy.)


Any deposits on litters that are not fulfilled are transferred to the next litter or another upcoming litter by mutual decision. This is uncommon and is handled on a case by case basis. Please read our contract for all terms and conditions on deposits. breeding's cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes things are beyond our control such as litter size, sex, color and markings. 

Step 1: Fill out contract here

Step 2: $500 deposit


The  full payment of the purchase price for your puppy is due if you are having your puppy delivered. 

Puppies picked up from our home will be paid for in CASH only.  No checks, or electronic payments accepted for in person pick up. If we have to invoice you at pick up there will be a $250 service fee added for the inconvenience. 

 Puppies being delivered will be paid for via PayPal invoice. No checks, Zelle or Venmo etc will be accepted. PayPal ONLY. 

There will be a 3.5% fee added to all Paypal Payments.

 If your payment is not cleared prior to the delivery guy picking up the pup. The puppy will not leave until he/she is paid for in full.

 Puppies must be collected on the set pick up date no later.